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Playing The Parlay

In your search to your favorite online sportsbook, you may have noticed that you could opt to play a parlay. It probably have intrigued you, but you were not sure of exactly what it entailed and what risk factors were involved.

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The Advantages of Parlay Betting

The advantage of parlay betting is winnings are be getting more winnings. Let�s see an example of four sixes being thrown in a row at the dice table.

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Parlay your Parlay

Many of sports bettors play parlay cards. And many play higher parlays than they should. Why? It's mainly a lotto type thing. Many people just can't get excited about winning $60 for a $10 bet. Therefore, rather than betting the three-team parlay card, they add more teams and try to hit a home run by loading up on teams.

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College Football Parlay Cards

It�s one of the most anticipated sports season among sports bettors. If you are like most sports bettors, the words college football parlay makes you salivate. Step into any Las Vegas sportsbook on Saturday during the college football season and you will see lines of people frantically filling out hopefully soon-to-be winning college football parlay cards.

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